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Notetaking Strategies (Part 3) T-Notes

T- Notes

Please remember to read Part 1 on teaching someone how to take notes.  If you have not read those, please do not use any of the following information without reading it.

This strategies requires just a sheet of notebook paper. 

1. Prepare the sheet of paper. Fold the sheet of paper in half hot dog style, meaning vertically. Then draw a line where that fold was.

2. Find the main topic, a title for the notes. Write this at the top of the page on the title line if lined notebook paper.

3. Begin reading sections, when a new subtopic is introduced, you write on the left side of the line that subtopic.  Then on the right side of the line, right next to that subtopic, anything that comes across as important about that subtopic should be placed there in the student’s own words. 

4. Draw a line when a new subtopic is introduced and repeat the step above. 

*Note:  Sometimes it helps to use different colors for new sub-topics.  Making an entire topic one color until you move to the next sub-topic.  Also, you may always use pictures here in the place of words.


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