What do I do to make my special education child’s standardized testing the best experience it can be?

All states have accommodations for special education students.  It is very important that you fight for the accommodations you feel are important for your child. All I mean is that if you want your child to have a valid test with a good experience, you really need to provide your input on accommodations. Ask  what all the possibilities are and give your input. 

 A number of parents I come across don’t even know what the possibilities for accommodations are.  I discuss with them the options and describe the picture of the setting for their child.  Often they think that their child is getting something they aren’t.  This is due to a lack of communication.  Don’t be afraid to ask the special education team to be more specific in accommodations.  Even more important read the accommodations and make sure you understand what they will be receiving when you receive your copy of the Individual Education Plan.  Sometimes mistakes are made and the changes discussed don’t all get in that final document.  Check it and then if something is missing, don’t be afraid to talk to the teacher and get it corrected.  It really isn’t a big deal. 

For the most part, your teachers will want the best for your students, but sometimes they feel pressured to not provide certain things due to resources and difficulty of providing it, but if  you express your believe that something in particular is needed then they will agree and feel more comfortable with including the accommodation. 

Don’t be afraid to have things clarified, ask questions or ask for something to be explained.  You are a member of the team and teachers want your input.


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